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ABS Committee

President Allison Dane

Vice President Janice Evans

Co-Vice President / ABS Consultant Pip Nobes

Treasurer/Membership Secretary Jennifer Muenzel

Committee Secretary Pip Nobes

Registrar Julie Gill

Committee Member Robyn Bunker

Committee Member Heather Bundy

Committee Member Kirby Parsons

Committee Member Diane Almond

State Reps

ACT: Robyn Bunker

NSW: Robyn Bunker

NT & SA: Carol Skultety

QLD: Janice Evans

TAS: Kim Galea

VIC: Kim Galea

WA: Janine Allan


Enquiries relating to stud dog / puppy advertising, breeding lines & general breeding questions contact the Vice President. For enquiries on litter registrations, kennel reservation, change of ownership, Club transfers and hip/elbow results contact the Registrar.