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Currently we do not have any pups listed for sale.

Litters are registered in good faith with information given by the Breeders. The ABS Inc. and myself takes all possible care in establishing the authenticity of information given to us by individual breeders, however we take no responsibility for the registration of any litter based on information provided by the breeder that may be false. The ABS Inc. endeavors to only register dogs of sound temperament and health and that conform to the ABS Inc. breed standard. However, The ABS Inc. and myself takes no responsibility for the health, temperament or type of any individual dog (adult or pup) registered by the ABS Inc. or sold via this web site. The ABS Inc. and myself takes no responsibility for any disputes between breeder/advertisers and buyer nor for the content of any links to this site. We endeavor to keep this page up to date at all times, but have to rely on advertisers notifying us when pups are sold. If buyers contact advertisers and find pups that are advertised on the site are already sold please email the Administrator so the page can be kept as accurate as possible.